Antichi Vigneti Di Cantalupo

The story of Cantalupo began over two centuries ago and is intimately linked to Ghemme, near Novara, and the vineyards of the Arlunno family, whose presence in the area is documented since the 16th century. The ancient farms were handed down from one generation to the next with respect for the land and the wine. In 1969, with the decree recognizing the Ghemme DOC, Carlo Arlunno re-implanted the old ineyards and built a new winery, founding the Antichi Vigneti di Cantalupo in May 1977.

In 1981 Alberto Arlunno, freshly graduated in agriculture and specialised in viticulture and oenology, took over the company and soon the first bottles of Ghemme 1974 and Collis Breclemae 1979 were sold. Although the Ghemme wines are a bit in the shade of the Langhe wines, experts and Piedmont lovers know Angela & Alberto Arlunno's wines very well and appreciate them for their high quality. On blind testing, they are not inferior to the famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines.

Arlunno's Collis Breclemae is made on the same principle of production as the best of Barolo wines and aged in barrels for at least 4 years. The Carolus Bianco, a white wine with a young and refreshing fragrance, is made from special varieties called Greco di Ghemme (a very ancient grape brought to Italy from Grece, according to legend, by Marco Polo) and Arneis. If you happen to visit Piedmont, don't miss the Cantalupo wines!

This wines you can find by Wiendobona:

Colline Novaresi DOC Agamium - (N) - 0,75 lt.
Cantalupo Ghemme DOCG - (N) - 0,75 lt.
Collis Breclemae Gheme DOCG - (N) - 0,75 lt.
Colline Novaresi DOC Abate di Cluny - (N) - 0,75 lt.
Rosato iL Mimo Nebbiolo Colline Novaresi DOC Abate di Cluny Colline Novaresi DOC


Cantalupo Abate di Cluny