Rémy Massin

The Massin & Fils company was founded in 1978 by Remy Massin, a member of the fourth generation of the Massin family. Remy was a dynamic, passionate and ambitious man, determined to make his own champagnefrom his own vines. As he didn't want to work alone, he involved his son Sylvère in the business, an equally determined young man and a perfectionist on top. So, while Remy took care of the vineyards, his son took on the role of oenologist.

In 2002, Sylvère's son Cedric, also specialised in oenology, joined the family business.

The Domaine Massin is set in the Côte des Bars, in the South of Champagne, which enjoys the sunlight for a longer period. Being also close to the river Arce, the slopes hosting the Massin vineyards are open, well ventilated and receive even more sunlight than other parts of the valley. As a result, the Massin grapes have always that extra ripeness that gives their champagne a round and intense aroma.

This Champagnes you can find at Winedobona:

Cuvée Tradition - (PN) - 0,75 lt.Grains de Douceur - (PN) - 0,75 lt.
Cuvée Réserve - (PN/C) - 0,75 lt.Cuvée Intégrale Extra Brut - (PN) - 0,75 lt.
Cuvée Rosé Brut - (PN/C) - 0,75 lt.
Cuvée Prestige - (PN/C) - 0,75 lt.
Cuvée Millesime 2006 - (PN/C) - 0,75 lt.
Cuvée Louis Aristide - (PN) - 0,75 lt.
Special Club 2009 - (C/PN) - 0,75 lt.

Champagne Massin