Moussé et Fils

The Mousse family has been involved in the cultivation of vineyards in the Champagne area since 1650. Generation after generation, they farmed their own vines and even sold part of their crops to neighbouring wineries.

In 1923, they decided to also produce their ownchampagneunder theMousse Fils label. The Domaine Mousse set in the Marnaux valley. Its vineyards extend over 4 different villages, all on the same hill. Such an unusual setting is reflected in the characteristics of theirchamapgne. Today, Cedric Mousse runs the company and produces delicate wines with unique taste.

When you think "Mousse" you think should think at once "Champion of Meunier". Yes Cedric is possibly giving to Meunier one of the best expressions in Champagne. Once an underrated grape sort, mainly used for completing the blends, it has nowdays obtained a new dimension thanks to the specific work of a new generation of winemaking, such as him, that are respecting their terroir.

The Mousse et Fils champagnes are generous, elegant, expressive and frank, issued from vines treated with the ulmost care.

This products you find at Winedobona:

Les Vignes de Mon Village - (100% PM) - 0,75 lt.

Anecdote - (100% C) - 0,75 lt.

Rosé Effusion - (5% PN / 95% PM) - 0,75 lt.

Extra Or d`Eugene - (20% PN / 80% PM) - 0,75 lt.