Les Clos Perdus

This company was founded in 2003 by an Australian, Paul Old, and a British, Hugh Stuart. Two more business partners, Ben Adams and Stuart Nix, joined them in 2014. Les Clos Perdus, which can be translated as “The Lost Gardens”, was created on the grounds of an old, abandoned vineyard in the Corbières Maritime.

The property, which started with just one and a half hectares, now extends over 20 hectares and gives high quality, organically produced vines. All the Le Clos Perdus wines, red, white and rosé, have a complex character and a strong expression of their terroir.

This wines you can find at Winedobona:

Cuvee 111 - (CAR/GN/MOU) - 0,75 lt.
Prioundo - (GN/GIN) - 0,75 lt.
Mire la Mer - (MOU/CAR/GN) - 0,75 lt.
L`Année Rouge - (GN/CAR/S) - 0,75 lt.
L`Extreme Rouge - (LLP/S) - 0,75 lt.
Rosé - (MOU) - 0,75 lt.
L`Année Blanc - (MAC/GB) - 0,75 lt.
L`Extreme Blanc - (GG) - 0,75 lt.

Les Clos Perdus Mire La Mer
Les Clos Perdus