Henri Giraud

Champagne Henri Giraud is globaly considered one of the best champagne maisons. The turning point was when Claude Giraud decided to radically change the maison`s approach, gradually stopping to use steel vats and starting to use oak barels made with wood from the Argonne forest trees.

The fundament idea is to stick as much as possible to their terroir, adapting a personal style to the indications that local nature gives to the chef de cave, Sebastien.

This Champagnes you can find at Winedobona:

Argonne GC                          90%  PN /  10% CH                        7 g/l                 Aÿ

MV GC                                   80%  PN /  20% CH                        7 g/l                 Aÿ

MV Rosé GC                         70%  PN /  30% CH                         7 g/l                 Aÿ

Code Noir                              100 % PN                                          7 g/l                 Aÿ

Esprit                                      80 % PN / 20 %  CH                      7 g/l                 Aÿ