Cognac Rémi Landier

The Rémi Landier company's roots can be traced to the current owner's great-great-grandfather, who planted his first vineyard 1890 at Fins Bois, in the South-West of France.

By that time, the location was already known for its “eau de vie” (cognac, armagnac, brandy, as well as liquors made of fruit or herbs, preserved in glass bottles instead of casks, with no added sugar). Between 1947 and 1973, the Landier descendants Roger, Rémi and Ginette developed and extended the farm in Rouillac. In 1973 their sons Alain and Jean-Yves, founded the Rémi Landier company. Today, Jean-Yves still runs the company, with the aid of his daughter Geraldine.

Most of their produce is sold to large factories and big distributors, while only a small part of it – rich and delicate cognaccharacterised by a fruity softness, like XO and VS, along with a few other rare and limited editions - goes under the Rémi Landier brand. Their Pineau is also highly appreciated on the cognacmarket.

This products yuo find at Winedobona:

Special Pale Fins Bois – 45% – 70 cl
Rémi Landier VS
Rémi Landier VSOP
Rémi Landier Napoléon
Rémi Landier Fins Bois XO Vieille Réserve 15 J.
Rémi Landier Fins Bois XO Tradition 20 J. – 40% 70cl
Rémi Landier  Héritage – 43 % 70 cl / 90 btl.
Rémi Landier Très Vieux Fins Bois 40ème anniversaire- 45% 70cl / 40 btl.
Réserve de la Famille Trés Vieux Fins Bois Lot 62 – 52% 70 cl / 60 btl.
Rémi Landier  Trés Vieux Fins Bois Héritage Coupe n°2 – 45 % 70 cl  / 90 btl.


Cognac Remy Landier XO