Champagne Etienne Calsac

Etienne is a very young winemaker, but if your roots are in Champagne and your family has always been involved in winemaking, you can be young physically, nevertheless the environmentl advantage isso evident that it halps you to become rapidly one of the emerging stars in the champagne world.

After several years spent getting a university education, Etienne Calsac returned to his roots in Champagne.

In 2010, he founded his own champagne winery in the Grand Cru village of Avize. Every year, this young vintner produces nearly ten thousand bottles of first class champagne in a variety of terroirs. Etienne chose to use only horses for ploughing his land and personally takes care of his cellars. Passionate and dedicated, he not only cares for the unique taste of his champagne, but also for the design of the bottles. For example, the labels are not made of paper, as usual, but of cotton.

He`s a specialist of Chardonnay and chalk issued wines, so his offer is mainky Blanc de Blancs champagnes, whose reputation has quickly grown globally and which encompass style, refinement and smoothness.

This champagns you find at Winedobona:

Rose de Craie - (C/PN) - 0,75 lt.
L`Echappée Belle Extra Brut - (C/PN) - 0,75 lt.
Les Rocheforts - (C) - 0,75 lt.
Rosé de Craie - (C/PN) - 0,75 lt

Champagne Etienne Calsac