The Bressan family has been involved in wine-making for over a hundred years. Their experience has been passed down from father to son for four generations. Today they still work with the same dedication and competence as ever, always analysing the various soil types and choosing the best suited grape varieties, carefully selecting vines for reproduction or replacement of the dead ones in order to preserve their genetic information and improve their quality.

Another merit of the Bressan company worth mentioning is the unique land where their vineyards grow: the rocky hills of Collio, gradually receding and opening on to the green valley of the Isonzo river. The area is protected in the North by the Alps, yet open to the warm winds of the Adriatic sea in the South. This combination of geographical, geological and climatic factors creates unique and inimitable conditions for cultivating vines.

The Bressan family is zealously preserving the ancient principles of growing grapes, formed by the experience of previous generations of winemakers. Regretfully there is a trend, today, when most of the wines produced around the world are monotonously standard. This mainly happens because of the aboundant chemistry used in vineyards and winery production, which destroys the specific characteristics of grape varieties, the influence of climate and soil, and the unique touch of the winemaster's hand.

The Bressan family is against the facelessness of wines and keeps producing theirs according to the old tradition, skillfully and creatively using the ancient secrets of winemaking.

This wines you can find by Winedobona:

Schioppettino - (SCH) - 0,75 lt.
Pignol - (PIN) - 0,75 lt.
N3 - (SCH/CS/PN) - 0,75 lt.
Ego - (SCH/CS) - 0,75 lt.
Carat - (FRI/MI/RG) - 0,75 lt.
Verduzzo Friulano - (VDZ) - 0,75 lt.

Fulvio Bressan © Vladimir Asmirko