Armagnac L´Encantada

The independent bottling company L'Encantada, wasfounded in 2011.

Four passionate specialists accurately select each barrel of armagnac produced by small wineries in different years and, after it is distilled, they sell it under the Encantada brand.

Their goal is to preserve the know-how and flavours of this eau-de-vie with more than 700 years of history.

This products you find at Winedobona:

1973 The Sablé estate
1974 The Sablé estate
1976 The Sablé estate
1983 Lous Pibous estate
1985 The Bidets estate
1986 The Bidets estate
1988 Del Cassou estate
1988 The Parre estate
1989 The Parre estate
1989 Lous Pibous estate
1990 The Parre estate
1992 Del Cassou estate
1994 Lous Pibous estate
1996 Lous Pibous estate
1999 Lous Pibous estate
2004 Lous Pibous estate

ENCATADA ( Armagnac)